Why Your Site Doesn’t Rank on Google & How You can Improve Ranking

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You have made all the successful SEO attempts. You put the right keywords, produced high-quality contents, updated your site frequently from time to time and gave effort to every possible measure to engage the audience and search engines in order to rank high in Google. Yet you found no further ranking on your site.

Here are some reasons behind this repercussion affecting the rankings of the website :

  • Inclusion of poor spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Neglected to ask Google for re-crawling.
  • Using common keywords in contents where competition is high.
  • Presence of errors such as 403, 404 and so on.
  • Over optimization through excessive use of keywords.
  • If the privacy settings are accidentally turned on.
  • Absence of measurable and meaningful content.
  • Poor site structure.
  • Presence of plagiarized or duplicate content.
  • Hosting down with frequent connectivity failure.
  • High bouncing rates.
  • Links or backlinks to malicious websites.
  • Lack of a clearly outlined keyword strategies.

How can You Improve Ranking?

Any of the above mentioned issues affects your site’s rankings. And as a website owner it is your responsibility to tackle these issues.

Let’s outline some of the essential steps required to improve your rankings :

  • Get rid of the malicious sites which practice black hat or other such negative techniques.
  • Try to fix the errors.
  • Focus on reducing the bounce rates.
  • Work in structuring a robust content with in-depth and adequate knowledge and keywords.
  • The site map should be submitted to Google webmaster tools to notify Google about the published pages.
  • Social media profiles should be updated for promotional purposes.
  • Request for manual link removal tool to discover and remove spamming sites.
  • Link with influential sites to improve the credibility of the website.
  • Produce and publish high-quality contents regularly.

Hope the above mentioned information helped you in clearing the issues regarding Why Your Site Doesn’t Rank on Google & How You can Improve Ranking.

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