What is website designing?

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Website designing is a creative process which involves contriving, inventing, planning, and structuring properly a collection of electronic files. These electronic files determine the layout, graphics, structure, fonts, colors, images, text styles, application of interactive features that make your page appealing and tend to bring more visitors to the website. Inshort, web designing is the process of creating a website.

Usually, web designing and web development are considered same. However, it is a misconception. Webdevelopment is a broader process. Web designing is a subset of web development. Basically, the mark language popularly known as HTML (HYPER TEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE) is used to create a website.TheHTML tags are used to build robust websites. These tags are responsible for defining the content and metadata of each page. Apart from this, CSS (CASCADING STYLE SHEET) are also required to describe the layout and appearance of the web pages. Thus,almost every Web designing companies appliesacombination of HTML and CSS are applied in a unique and proper format to create a strong, attractive and easily accessible website on a browser. Moreover, every smart web designer emphasizes on creating a website enriched with these web designing services

  • Quality content
  • Clear and user friendly navigation,
  • Simple but professional design,
  • Good website speed,
  • High Search engine optimization, and
  • Perfect web compatibility.

Though HTML and CSS are the significant components taken into consideration while building a website, but both are different aspects having different effects and prospects. Onecan insert images, videos, formsand any such productive and relevant contents; tweak words, resize and rearrange various contents and add links too. HTMLstand as the building blocks of a website forming the actual content of the website.And CSS is focused on the look and feel such as font size, font color, font type,background color,visual effects mouseover effects, andso on, of the website.

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