Website Security- A Prime Concern

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In today’s era of digitalization, every wise entrepreneur would want to establish an erect online presence for better expansion of their business. A robust online presence via website showcases your products and services to innumerable audiences and enables you to achieve higher leads and conversions. Though websites make your task easy and productive, yet there are some side effects that stands firmly as a setback. One of the primary elements to get concerned with is the website security. Or in other words we can shortly term it as “Website Security- A Prime Concern.”

Let’s learn about some tips to secure the website :

  • Updates :If you are running an outdated software, you are in the prone zone and probably your website may get scratches. Thus, it is recommended to use all up-to-date software or CMS version and plug-in. However, updates are basically needed once in a week or month. However, it depends on when the update is released. And if you are running a site without firewall such as cloud proxy, then you must update it as soon as the new update is released.
  • Backups: There are many troubles andfactors that easily let the hackers attack thesecurity of a site. Thus, there is a deep need of building a strong backup solution to avoid the mistakes giving negative repercussions to the website. Without a planned backup solution, your website security is at risk as hackers are able to access to the publicly available unpatched version of content management extension.
  • One site, one container : Hostingof more than one site by the same server provides a big surface for security attacks. Be attentive and try to minimize the number of hosting many sites on the same server. From the security point of view, CMS settings must be set to default and the relevant changes to default settings should be made to avoid any risks as CMS is quite delicate and attacks are automatic. However, you can also take time and change the default settings afterwards.

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