Web development languages 2019

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A passionate developer should have the knowledge about the fraternity’s demands and must learn the programming languages which prove highly beneficial and tech trends actually demand. These programming languages matches with the evolution occurring in the technological world incessantly. As an aspiring web developer, an individual must possess the right education and understanding about the skill set which is potential enough to bring better future outcomes for both the owner and developer.

In this article, we shall spotlight some of the best and latest cum highly advantageous programming languages of 2019:

  • Java –Java can be called as the king of the programming languages and is reigning since last 20 years. Literally expressing, Java is the base for Android operating system and creator of numerous back-end applications. Automatic memory allocation and garbage collection is used by Java that makes it simpler than CPP language. Java is highly object oriented having no external database references and platform independent. Java is simply outstanding having immense flexibility and a wide array of business applications.
  • Python –The language is simply of general purpose involving simple features and variables without any interrogation in class definition having user friendly and object– oriented features. Python is useful for back-end development and 42% of the developers choose Python as the first choice.
  • JavaScript–JavaScript is the most preferred language for the developers and the most eminent language since 6 years. It is highly compatible with all major browsers and forms a major part of the front-end development and is used at server side too through Node. js. It is an interpreted, light – weighted, flexible with the relevant syntax and an innovative way to create dynamic web pages.

The web world is infinite and the sphere of web development is vast. Its knowledge cannot be confined within some programming languages or coding. However, these languages help in sculpting the web developing arena efficiently. Apart from these programming languages there are many other languages viz., C++ Language, C# Language, PERL, PHP etc.having distinctive features and characteristics that play crucial role in web development procedure.

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