Programming languages used in most popular websites

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With the rigorous evolution and advancement in technological sphere, the urge for websites is increasing incessantly. Websites pave a great way to the businesses and services to flourish worldwide. Programming languages are properly drafted and constructed languages required for right interaction of instructions and thus used to control the actions and functions of a machine. It has its existence since the advent of the computer.

Let’s get familiar with the programming languages that most websites use:

1. JavaScript –JavaScript is the widely used dynamic,multi-paradigm programming language which has the capability to :

  • Edit the content of a document,
  • Control the browser,
  • Allow client side script for smooth interaction with users,
  • Develop games,
  • Create desktop applications,

It was developed by Netscape and supported by every major browser without the involvement of any compilers and plug-ins.

2. Java –Java is an object- oriented, class based, concurrent,secure, simple, threaded, interpreted, highly implemented and executed, portable and architecture- neutral programming language and stands as the bona-fide platform for various enterprises and mobile app and game developers. It was developed by Sun Microsystems and was previously applied for television industry.

3. C++ Language –C++ Language is similar to C language in many aspects. It was developed by Bjarne Stroustrupin the year 1979. When it comes to web development, C++ is a perfectly compiled, general purpose, object oriented, case sensitive, imperative programming language which provides the convenience for low level memory manipulation too. In fact, it makes the use of both low level and high level features of a language and therefore called middle level language. Its work principle is based on these four principles: polymorphic, encapsulation, inheritance and data hiding.

Apart from these, there are some other notable and intensely eminent programming languages that are highly profitable, progressive, professional and productive namely Python, CSS, PHP, Ruby, C Language, and so on. All these languages have distinct philosophy and consist of unique elements and functions.