Google ads and Facebook ads

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Digital Marketing platforms are incredibly miraculous and are efficient in fetching the desired goals and accomplishments. Among these platforms, Facebook and Google are paving unbeatable path to the businesses and services to progress drastically. When it comes to propagating advertisements on online media, Facebook ads and Google ads are the first preferences and run parallel in competitive terms. Both are highly optimized in the search engine and paid ones. And both are excellent in providing their ad services.

There are billions of searches occurring on Google every single moment and active Google ads make your products and services exposed to billions of customers incrementing the sales and turnovers. On the other hand, since 2004, the introduction of advertising privileges offers a robust path to the advertisers as most of the Internet users (more than 80%) spend their most of their time scrolling through Facebook. In this way, Facebook ads also showcase your products and services to a huge mass. Thus, it’s truly difficult to distinguish which one is better in terms of superiority.

Then the question that haunts the mind is— which one to choose then — Google ads and Facebook ads? Which will prove better? Seems complicated, but here is the answer to your question:

Google is undoubtedly the best search engine and anything else comes after that, even Facebook. On average, there are about 5 billion searches going on each day. Google has an answer and solution to all your problems, queries, needs and requirements. It is never ending and barrier-free.

However, Facebook is a social networking site where people connects socially. Thus, Facebook has some boundaries. The capability of Facebook is not as high as Google and there are more than two billion active users on Facebook on an average regular basis. This does not prove Facebook unworthy.

However, when it comes to conclusion, Google ads would probably stand as the better medium. That’s why when we search something on the Internet, we generally use the term “Google it”.

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