Fundamental SEO Metrics You Need to Focus in 2019

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The data obtained from the traffic received gives you the idea about how much the search engine optimization (SEO) is being effective for your website progress. There are various reports that needs to be studied to evaluate the return on investment earned by the applied SEO strategies.

In this article, we shall learn about some Fundamental SEO Metrics You Need to Focus in 2019 :

  • Number of clicks :The number of clicks noted periodically determines which queries have got the most clicks and pinpoints the landing pages and page elements driving those clicks.
  • Goal completion :Understanding your goals is very essential for productive SEO campaigns. It is advisable to construct a report where your goal values, goal conversion rates, and the number of goal conversions are determined in order to obtain better organic traffic.
  • Bounce rates : Keep an eye on the bounce rates of your main landing pages. For that, go to “behavior”, “site content” and then “landing pages”. Try to lower the bounce rates by making your pages interesting, eye-catching and interlinked to get better SEO services.
  • Exit pages :Try to point out through which page the visitors are exiting the site. It will the relevant reasons behind the exits and help you to implement the successful steps to keep the users engaged. For that, go to “behavior”, “site content” and “exit pages”.
  • Keyword rankings :Though keyword is not the only metric needed to track the viability of SEO efforts, still it plays a crucial role in enhancing the traffic to your site.

Apart from these, some important metrics are mentioned in short :

  • Try to achieve Accelerated mobile pages (AMP).
  • Keep records of Lifetime values which includes app views, page views, revenue, session duration, session tenure, transactions and so on.
  • CreatewebsiteshavinggreaterMobile accessibility andusability.
  • Remove the Crawling errors potentially.
  • Build qualityInbound links

And many more.

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