Difference between Website Designing and Website Development

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Many of us consider web designing and web development as same. And they got tangled and interchangeable with each other. However, these are two different terms that refer to different fundamental aspects involved in website building procedure having different features and requires a unique and creative skill set.

Let’s elaborate the matter to clarify the concept:

Web designing, basically, is engaged with creating managing the layout andvarious visual elements of the website using different programs such as Adobe Photoshop. Web designing decides the aesthetic and usability aspects and prospects of the website. The processis involved in bringing the perfect touch to the site like which colour combination should be used or how to present or apply the layout in a balanced form, which part of the content should be given more priority and placed in a way that interests the visitors, and many other front end development sections. It’s a creative process where beautification and perfection is required.

On the other hand, web development is a broader concept which is responsible for the overall performance and functioning of the website.  Website development gives life to the designed website with the help of various programming languages such as HTML, PHP, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, etc. Literally justifying, it handles and tackles the back end development section. The relevant input from designed web is taken and the programming part is worked for adding the further functionality making the site approachable and active.

In short, we can conclude that website designing isan innovative process which involves appealing strategies to make the website look and feel appealing. And website development is the process where the website is bring into application, that is, website is made functional using various coding and programming. Web development stands as the bona-fide backbone of the website supporting the whole designed body of the website.

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