Bidding Strategies Types in Google Ads

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Google’s bidding strategies have evolved to a great extent with time and requirements. There are many bidding strategies in Google ads eg. CPC bidding, CPA bidding, and flexible bidding. Let’s discuss them in short :

  • Manual CPC: It is the manually operatedCost Per Click bidding strategy having classic settings and focuses on fetching click traffic. In this type of bidding, the first one is set to default in AdWords and the next ones present at the keyword level are manually specified.
  • Automatic CPC: In this bidding strategy, a daily budgetorCPC bid limit is set and the bids are automatically adjusted byAdWords to get the most clicks within the stipulated budget.
  • Enhanced CPC: This type of bid is meant for conversion- focussed advertisers. For this, one needs to enable conversion tracking which allows AdWords to increase or decrease CPC bids automatically to drag more and more conversions.
  • CPA bidding: Cost Per Acquisition Bidding, also known as Conversion Optimizer, is meant for the advertisers who want to target a particular cost for each conversion. Conversion Optimizer sets its own bid adjustments automatically and all other bid adjustments are not given any priority at all; they are simply kept unnoticed. Through conversion history, AdWords are able to predict future conversions.
  • Flexible Bid Strategies: Flexible bid strategies are simply the customized flexible versions of the above-mentioned bidding strategies. One can apply automated bid strategies to campaigns, ad groups and keywords.

There are five types of flexible bidding strategies. They are :

  • Maximize Clicks –flexible version of Automatic CPC bidding strategies.
  • CPA Bidding–Flexible version of Conversion Optimizer.
  • Enhanced CPC – Flexible version of Enhanced CPC.
  • Search Page Location–This strategy targets the search network only and works with keywords, ad groups, and campaigns.
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS) –AdWords has the capability to predict future conversions and values and try its best to provide better returns on ad spend.

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