6 Trends in Website Designing Today

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However, this highly technical and advanced world does not agree with it. Present era of creativity and competitive thought and passion to stand as the best, believe that A book should be impressive from tip to toe; from the cover to the inside content.

Likewise, your website should also look attractive plus should possess informative content. Website designing is an indispensable aspect that should be taken into consideration while building a website. There are varieties of trends arising in website designing in 2019 which render unprecedented growth. We shall put the spotlight on 6 Trends in Website Designing Today :

  • Custom graphics and 3D illustrations —Websites are being created uniquely by incorporating customized graphics and lively 3D illustrations. These custom graphics and 3D illustrations are providing the website a different visual appearance and let the site stand out robustly even in the crowded competition.
  • Playful Animations triggered by scrolls —Parallax and scrolls web designs are growing incessantly strong with time. Now, this scroll is controlling over Animations. The movement of cursor up-down or left-right would help create playful animations and thus, engage visitors.
  • Giving attention to footer —Previously,only contact details were written in the footer section and was basically ignored. However, more important elements of the homepage like about us, newsletter subscription, social sharing icons, etc. are upgraded now.
  • Immersive videos background —Enhancing the background of the website with immersive videos or 360° videos created through omnidirectional camera giving full view of the business is a captivating trend forweb designing in 2019.
  • Gradient elements —Use of seamless blending of gradient colours and brighter hues stands as one of the leading trends in web designing nowadays.
  • Large and bold texts —Large and bold texts dominate the screen and help to develop a reputation in branding. These textual designs are take center stage and messages can be easily conveyed through them.

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