5 Signs that Shows Your Website is Outdated

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Your website is the potential platform that allows you to showcase your business 24×7. It helps you in increasing your sales by letting the potential customers know about your products and services. The technical scope changes rapidly and give rise to customers demands too.

Thus, if you want to work successfully, your website must have a robust online presence having the capability to drive traffic. An outdated structure would definitely destroy your business and there will be less approaches.Let’shave a glimpse on 5 Signs that Shows Your Website is Outdated :

  • Classic (primitive) design and font :Old fashioned background that includes bright backgrounds, old fashioned fonts and typeface is no longer a dynamic step right now. For today’s modern life, more is less. And when it comes to designing, your art must be the first priority. Your website layout is the mirror of your website.
  • Lacking quality content :Always focus on creating fresh, rich in targeted keywords, relevant and informative, specially regarding artists, events, art fairs, press, etc. should be up-to-date. An outdated and poor quality content throws bad impression on the visitors.
  • Inaccessible to smartphones :Most of the netizens use smartphones asit is portable and convenient to use,rather than using a stationery device like tablet or PC. Thus, your site must be responsive and accessible to smartphones to reach a huge mass. In this way, you can acquire massive traffic as well as get ranked higher by Google.
  • Flash animation :Flash animation does not work well with today’s generation. Modern browsers, especially smartphones does not support flash animation at all. Basically, it shows error to the visitors.
  • Long loading time :We are living in a fast where people hate to wait for even a second late for anything they are approaching. Same goes with visiting time of the website. A four second late in loading can depreciate the quantity of visitors by 30% and five seconds late depreciates the same by 60%. Loading for ages and still the website is not displayed perfectly is the worst setback for your website.

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